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What moments made you tear up?

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There's already a thread on most upsetting deaths, so tell me what other events in WD made you upset?

-in episode 2 when you're beating up Andy. The atmosphere, music, and overall imagery really got to me
-episode 3 after your party has fled the motor inn and you're talking to Clem in the van.
-at the end when you see Clem's zombified parents. That look on her face....I wanted to give her a hug :(

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    But omg when Clem saw her parents I cried for probably 10 minutes straight, I had to put my ipad down because I couldn't see wtf I was doing.

    And then there's the ending.. wow.

  • @Natsumi said:

    -in episode 2 when you're beating up Andy. The atmosphere, music, and overall imagery really got to me

    The most epic moment in game I guess.

    Well, the most painfull moment for me was when Clem hugs Lee after Stranger's death. That feel... Joy of see her again, emotion, and then a terrible realization of the fact that soon we'll have to leave her forever.

  • Ben being upset and yelling at Kenny in Ep4 or 5 about how he never had his family to loose...
    Ken's death...
    I was very close to each time seeing Clem down or upset.
    And not to forget the ending, that nailed it... many manly tears...

  • I have never seen a game ending quite like the Walking Dead, all I can say is that it beat the shows ending this year by a landslide.

  • Telling Clementine that we wouldn't be able to look for her parents was a gut-punch, as was her reaction to hearing that Lee got bit.

    @Natsumi said: -in episode 2 when you're beating up Andy. The atmosphere, music, and overall imagery really got to me

    I didn't exactly get misty-eyed, but the way Andy reacted after being told that his family was dead was a brilliantly done moment.

    His "Don't you Dare walk away from me Lee!!" has to be one of my favorite line deliveries of the game.

  • All the things he says in the final showdown is just pure brilliance.

  • Andy told me I'd be sorry when Dan and Momma showed up. I told him they weren't coming. When he asked me what I meant, I could see that that sentence hurt him far more than when I had pushed him into an electric fence seconds earlier. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy who tried to slice me up into pieces and eat me.

    One of the three times I cried in the game was getting Kenny to stop the train, then the following scene with Duck. I started hating Kenny because of everything that was happening after the meat locker, but I suppose we were still on good terms. I managed to talk him down, and found out he was still blaming himself for Shawn's death. That put me in just the right mood to bring the tears when he started talking with Kat. I remember him bargaining with her for something less violent than having to shoot their own son was heartbreaking, especially since Kenny and Kat kind of remind me of my own parents.

    The other two are Kenny's "death", since I got the Christa version and didn't even get to say goodbye, and ten the entire scene in the jewelry store. I felt nothing upon seeing Clem's parents though.

  • When Clementine says "Don't go..." as Lee fades away in the ending...

  • @michikade said: lee_and_clem3_zps9ca5541b.jpg

    Yes, this moment! Thank's man.

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