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Poker Night 2 Ps3 Unlockables

posted by Horde_of_Imps87 on - Viewed by 318 users

I love this game. I spent £7.99 on this piece of awesome purely for GLaDoS, Sam and Ash. Having Brock was a bonus. Claptrap for...Claptrap, I guess.

I've enjoyed the humorous dialogue, witty banter, comical references and the laughter that comes with change of scenery with the felt, deck and chips.

But the bugs...

The glitches, freezing...stuttering!?

I can imagine if a patch is being worked on, time is being taken to fix all the issues to such a fantastic slice of gambling like:

- having an option to turn on the auto save for every round, raise of the blinds or just after a successful showdown.

- optional unlocks, like having used up all the coins for felts and decks, unlock costumes for the various characters, like Ash with his gray streak etc.

- giving the game additional data to work with to prevent the freezes or stuttering, even if the game file has to be bigger.

- bringing in the cast of the original Poker Night to drop by, making the game harder/longer and making for a more memorable experience.

- Monkeys. Because Monkeys make for a better game any day.

But while these issues are fixed, ideas take flight (or crash and burn horribly like the first time on Comedy Night) I must state my real reason -

How is it after unlocking the bounty items I cannot download them? Or should I say, why won't it download the information everytime I hit square?

Why have I been denied hilarious premium themes for my (wife's) PS3?

Must we buy Borderlands 2 to make such things a reality?

I hope that reading this you've found this funny rather than horrifically offensive and know that I really love the game and pretty much everything I've gotten my hands on by Tell Tell.

My thanks for reading this bit of weirdness, by the way.

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