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The Xbox One

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited - Viewed by 8.5K users

Little surprised no-one's talking about the XBox One, which was officially announced today.

And has a stupid name.

Really, there's a lot we could say about this console, but I'll just bullet-point the best bits.

- It's called the XBox One. Even though it's actually the third. *sigh*
- The controller is extremely similar to the 360s, with a better D-Pad and higher Home button.
- It comes with an updated Kinect... that the console WILL NOT FUCTION WITHOUT.
- It won't be backwards compatible. With anything. 360 games, XBLA games, nothing. *facepalm*
- Playing a used game? You'll be charged a fee to do so.

In short - fail. The used games thing is perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth, and it's going to ruin this console.

EDIT: Oh, you're all talking about it in the "Whatever's On Your Mind" thread. Well, whatever.

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  • It is available on the Ouya. Which is an actual game console.

  • Even though they got rid of the worst problems with the console, I am still going PS4, it is cheaper and slightly more powerful, I might change my mind once they release but for now I am leaning toward PS4.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I am still going PS4, it is cheaper and slightly more powerful

    Well, good decision.

    Xbox One life span = river, customer = frog, Microsoft = scorpion.

    Make a story. ;)

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I seriously feel like xbox one was a disaster. You have to connect it to the internet once every 24 hours, then to sell it to a person. They have be on your friends list for at least 30 days and you can only do it digitally, and after its traded that's it. Since then they reserved their position. I fear the damage has been done.

    I felt the PS3 made superior gaming graphics, but xbox had a larger network of people on it online. No doubt with nickle and diming their customers. (For example PS3 it costs nothing to play a Blue Ray) with xbox you have pay extra for an HD DVD drive. This is a great lesson in company's that build a massive amount of success.

    By focusing on the bottom line and less on the customer. Their sucess may have dived down. On top PS3 being a hundred dollars cheaper. I would say PS3 is the superior choice right now.

  • I won't be buying the Xbox one, I will probably buy the PS4 a year later or when ever I get it cheaper. I like that it has a built in recording feature. less time uploading to you tube.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    It does, I upload numerous videos to youtube. Mostly focused on Interactive Choice, hence title of my youtube name. I wasn't aware they were having a built in feature to upload videos easily to you tube. Most videos on PS4 are sharper image kinda of production. I have to look that up.

  • Xbox One was a bad idea from the start.
    1. The name 2. The price 3. It looks like a VCR 4. Kinect = poop 5. Most of the exclusives suck 6. No original Xbox and Xbox 360 games are able to be played 7. It's trying to be PS4, just a way higher price 8. Mostly focusing on other things in the system besides how the system plays(works) and the games themselves. 9. The people at Microsoft treat their customers like poor trash and dollar signs. I miss the way Microsoft and Xbox used to be. The first Xbox was a classic system and Xbox 360 was pretty good, just too overrated. I'm a Sony kind of guy. The only reason i really played Xbox was for Halo and Fable, and some other games.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    Its kinda sad. If Microsoft hadn't been so greedy. (Seriously have your PC hooked up to online at least once 24 hours) making requests. They should understand its casual and hardcore gamers who play, casual might not connect to the internet all the time. It should work fine even if never connected to the internet.

    I guess its good, without these two consoles. I doubt Sony would be pushing itself as hard. If xbox one wasn't there. Sony could raise the price on their products as high as they wanted and no one could do much about it, I guess you could play another console.

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