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Incorrect Choices Remembered? Saves Vanishing? TWD is an unplayable mess...

posted by TellTaleFixYourShit on - Viewed by 154 users

I loved the game at first but I quit playing it around 8 months back because of repeated save issues. I finally decided to try the game again and give it a second chance. I managed to get Episode 3 to start (from the beginning of Chapter 1 even though I had gotten past Chapter 4 of Episode 3 last time -_-), but I was fine with that because I hadn't played for a while. However then all of a sudden Doug pops up... Wait, I let him die in Episode 1! What is going on here?! Where did Carley go? What? How many of my other decisions got messed up too? I'm really confused. I've never saved Doug, what happened? In my first attempt in Episode 3 before the save was erased Carley was there all the way up until the RV confrontation near the end of the episode, but now she apparently has been gone since Episode 1? lol okay TTG. That's just wonderful.

I recommended TWD to my friends when the game first came out, but I'm glad none of them were foolish enough to listen to me and buy the game. They really dodged a bullet. This is one of the most frustrating experiences I've had with a videogame. It's a game that I really enjoy, but that is completely unplayable unless I want to play through it in a single sitting.

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