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  • Is this just a new thing for the episodes or is it because there is a huge plot twist in this one?

  • i think thatsbecause the plot is twisting like myentrails me thinks

  • Just moved a bunch of posts back to the general thread. I won't do that anymore, but it would make me sad to see people who were joking around in here earlier come back to find genuine chat from people who were playing the games.

  • Looks like I was right (or so I assume) about 205 being in Hell. Excellent.

    I'm curious about the contract Grandpa Stinky had in the display case. I bet we'll be seeing him again.

  • I guess I spoke too soon about 203 being my favorite. This one just had me in tears of laughter from beginning to end. "Are you a bad enough president to save the dude?" Epic win. Nice to see the formula and methods of transportation changed a little too.

  • I dont know what it is with Telltale Games and episodes with the number four, but as episode 4 of season 1 was the best by far, so is episode 4 of season 2 imo. Keep up the work and make more like those.

    This episode was really nice, deep and different, with a good and fun story and moments :) cant wait to see if its hell or heaven on the other side of that portal :)

    It was also nice with the jokes, humor and max was alot more active in this episode, really hope this is something you will keep on working with, instead of just having max run around like in the other episodes :)

  • Dude, this raises all kinds of questions.

    1. When we get to Season 3, will it be released on September 6 so that we can see ourselves trade the boxing betty for the egg from the other direction, or will that just sortof vanish into the depths of time?

    2. Will we get to see ourselves take that sleigh from 201 in the next episode?

    3. What exactly did we do to the continuity here? As far as I can tell, we essentially split Sam & Max's timeline in half: the first instances of themselves were born sometime in the 70s and went up to about half-way through 102, at which point they got jumped through the future to the spaceship and blown up when the ship caused the Big Bang.
    The second were born in an alternate causalty, and entered this timestream on the spaceship, sent themselves back to 102 and lived through the rest of season 1 and the first half of season 2.

  • Building on Maratanos' observations:

    Wasn't it stated that Max had a short lifespan? And yet, 100 years into the future, he's still young and frisky. (although apparently blind, judging by the Geordi glasses)

    And in issue #105 of The Unremarkable Adventures of Swede-Man, wasn't The Crimson Flallop killed by Dr. Limpet in the Peruvian Antechambers? Continuity, man! :p

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