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Episode 4 disappeared

posted by cistine on - last edited - Viewed by 296 users

I'm in the middle of episode 4. I started the game to pick up where I left off, and all of a sudden it tells me I have to "Get" the episode. This makes no sense. I quit, went back in...same problem. I shut off my ipad and restarted...same problem. I did a hard restart...same problem. Why has this happened?

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  • So apparently Tell Tale Games has the same level of customer support as EA? How nice.

    Since my problem is not being addressed, I decided to just re-download episode 4, even though I was at least 80% through it and very much not wanting to have to replay all of that, but now it is saying I have no connection to the internet, which is not true because witness me posting this complaint! I did not pay the money for these episodes to have these kind of problems!

  • I have an issue with Episode 5 where it crashes when you click on a cupboard. and they don't help when you email them either.

  • I have the same issue with episode 4 I had just finished the episode and the next day when I went to continue with my save episode was gone and I couldn't continue from where I was without it.

    Tried downloading the episode again and also was told I was not connected to the Internet

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