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Wallace & Gromit 2 game-breaking glitch

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Hello, all. Yesterday, I was playing W&G episode 2: The Last Resort (Win7, Steam). As I finished chapter 3, it skipped straight to the part where Wallace is on the umbrella with the two dogs and Gromit is in the green floatie (it did not show the Chapter 4 title card or the cutscenes). After clicking on everything, I researched a guide which mentioned that several items should be floating in the water. The only item floating in the water is another green floatie. There is no bucket of starfish, no tea kettle, and no beach ball. There is also no rocket tank on the beach, and no Mr. Squeaky toy on the top of the umbrella. I am permanently stuck at this point in the game.


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  • I've encountered the same problem too.

    One thing I noticed is that initially Wallace was just standing in the water going around (there was no umbrella). Gromit may have been in an inflatable initially. After a while (not sure what the trigger was) Wallace was in an umbrella with the dogs and Gromit was in an infatable. There is a second inflatable bobbing at a fixed distance from Gromit.

    This renders the game incompletable :mad:. The save file is affected too.

    Is there any workaround?

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