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BTTF - EP3 - Citizen Brown Glitch

posted by Stig420 on - Viewed by 1.1K users

So I've noticed there are some video errors in ep3 ep4 and ep5.

One specific instance is in ep3 citizen brown, right after **********************************spoiler********************************************

Doc drops biff off at the town square and then pulls away and Marty runs after his golf cart, the screen freezes and the sound repeats over and over, after forcing the game closed the process remains in task manager even after the program is closed.

I've also had a similar video glitch when the screen freezes but not completely, and most of it goes black, but then some textures flicker in and out in random patterns for about 2 mins then the game either crashes or comes back on after pressing esc to the menu.

From what I have noticed the glitch happens almost every single time at that spot in ep3 and randomly throughout ep3+4+5 if not the entire series.

Two places that I remember it happening in the same spot over and over besides that golf cart part is where Marty uses the guitar in ep4 to save Doc, right as he jumps on the table with Doc and strikes the note on his guitar the game freaked out over and over, and also when aligning the flux overrides on the delorean that edna is driving.

thanks for any help you can offer, ive tried windowed mode, different resolutions, changing aa settings and vertical sync etc and nothing fixes it!

I'm making a video playthrough of all 5 games and I just fixed a sound sync error I was having with fraps, now I am ready to finish the runs!

Here's a link to my playthrough of ep1, without commentary (im uploading commentary later :)

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