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I feel stupid...

posted by Guybrush_Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 371 users I the only one who didn't notice you could aim and shoot at all the stuff from previous episodes during the intro??? I noticed this casually, moving the mouse while watching the intro on ep.4

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  • Well, I noticed it just before the of this section in the first episode. Not exactly an intuitive thing to figure out all the sudde, I'd say.
    I'm not sure what tipped me off, tough. Could have been the fact that the crosshair floated above the elements, unlike your usual background element.

  • Crosshairs and targets gave me the immediate idea to shoot right away. I must have some violent thoughts in my head.

    Even more so when every game, I'm disappointed that I can't shoot Sam or Max or shoot out their tires or something.

  • I figured it out midway through last episode's intro.

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    I figured it out first time I saw it... an homage to the end credits in "hit the road" IIRC?

  • I saw it the first or second time I played 201. And it also remembered me the closing credits from Hit The Road...

  • It is reminiscent of the closing to Hit the Road, but we put it in mostly because it would be cool to have an interactive opening credits. I wasn't actually thinking of Hit the Road at all when trying to convince people to include it (though in hindsight the comparison is obvious). The whole point of making a game instead of a TV show or something is to let you interact with it, and that was a (reasonably) easy way to sneak some interaction into what would otherwise be a pretty one-sided sequence. I'm glad, though, that not everyone has noticed it! That makes it kind of cooler to me.

  • Hehe, I know it, but I'm almost always too late. When the intro starts, I usually sit back, listen to the music, and watch the cool graphics. Then when the crosshair appears, it takes my mind several seconds to register its presence and to realize I can control it with the mouse. I usually manage to shoot one or two though.

    (I had the same problem with Tomb Raider: Legend, where they actually require you to bash buttons while watching cutscenes. It's not that it's hard - it's actually quite easy - but it's just that at soon as a cutscene starts I put down the controller intending to watch, and I'm not ready to play.)

  • ..same here. trl was annoying because of the in-cutscene-action. i think resident evil 4 had such moments as well...even if i know something is going to happen i put the controller down automatically as soon as the cutscene starts. good thing that the sam&max intro is optional.

  • hehe I realised it in 201 XD

  • I realized it during 203. Partially from the movie of the intro that was posted. But the dots weren't put together until I played it and accidentally moved the mouse halfway through. :D

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