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Quick Choice Prediction Thread

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SO. This thread is basically here for my predictions on what choices we'll get per episode and see what you the players would pick beforehand... HERE I GO

Episode 1:

Did you Attract a horde to Vernon's Group or not?
This choice to me would probably appear in this episode, you'll probably meet Christa and Omid and Clementine who can optionally fill you in on everything. If you're not told then you can still make this choice but only rationalize it with "we needed supplies" or something, you'll basically in my eyes, be on a roof or something and see the cancer group near the docks, tending to the boat, here you can ring the bell, or just continue to stealth across the roof.

Comforted Clementine?

Now I think this will probably be the first choice in walking dead game history where 100% of players choose yes, basically, I see this choice as finding Clementine and she'll be upset, you can either choose to comfort her, and try to sympathize with her from a story from your past, or continue with your tasks in the episode and let Christa do it.

Stole the Gun?

Now with Telltale getting bigger and bigger with each game, I can see this game have absolutely major choices. that change the story entirely and don't feel so linear anymore. Basically this will be the last choice in the episode, what will happen is, you'll be seen with a horde of walkers in front of you, Omid is on the floor with his good leg wounded now, Christa is going into labor and Clementine is panicking, with this choice you can choose to take the gun and abandon them, leading onto a totally different story for the rest of the season, or try and help in an intense finale chapter leading onto episode 2.

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