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Walking Dead: Game ruining bug (Choices not carrying over, Episode 4 -> Episode 5)

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Hello, I've recently been enjoying The Walking Dead game and I just finished the fourth episode. However, there's a major problem. When I complete episode 4, it shows me that Kenny, Omid, and Christina will come with me. Everything is going as planned. It even shows me those three in the final stat screen. When I start episode 5, on the "previously" video, it shows everything correctly except when it shows Kenny choosing to come with you or not, he says "Why the hell you looking over here?" and has a red eye and cut on his face. When the episode starts, he's gone. Only Christina and Omid are with me. I've been on his good side the whole time, didn't fight him on the train, and additionally the game outright said he's coming with me. This is clearly a bug and I seriously need a fix. I'm playing the full version with all five parts bundled as one on Steam. I've verified my cache, but I haven't re-installed. I've also tried rewinding back to the latest point and choosing a few different dialogue choices. Still bugged. I tried rewinding back to the point just before, where you're talking to Vernon. Still bugged. I'm gravely upset about this and I would like to finish the series properly. It wouldn't be right to lose Kenny to a glitch that shouldn't happen. Thanks for helping in advance, and please no spoilers for episode 5.

Here's a picture proving the game said Kenny was coming.

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