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Cannot Increase Resolution, & Betting Slider Does not Work

posted by FunnyBunny on - Viewed by 549 users

As of right now, the game operates fine, however, I am unable to increase my screen resolution to 4800x900, even though it shows me this option under the graphics tab. I am currently running dual ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Direct CU II OC's, and each of my games runs across three identical monitors at 4800x900. I do not understand why this game will not change its resolution, and yet show it as an option. Each time I select 'apply' 4800x900, it appears to take it, even though my screen size does not change. Then, when I tab out, then tab back in, it is set to default, which I believe is 1600x900. In addition, the betting slider does not work when I attempt to grab it, and slide it. It only moves when I click on the plus, or minus buttons. Thanks for your time.

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