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Connection error: manual activation of s1 and 2?

posted by Paal on - last edited - Viewed by 219 users

I just bought both S&M seasons. Downloaded all episodes off of "my past purchases"/download links in my account options

So far, I ve had to get a manual activation code for Culture Shock.... Did not take long for response to arrive in my inbox :)

I guess I have some firewall or proxy settings preventing regular activation. Checking my settings for those indicates no obvious problems.

But with 2 seasons; 11 episodes, that means 10 more support emails :eek: to get them all up and running - if I am to use manual activation from here on.

What I have tried:
username + password for activation
serial number

Does each episode require a unique manual activation code?

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  • I guess 9 more emails will solve this then.

  • Hi Paal,

    Unfortunately each episode requires a unique unlock code based on its unique request code. But if you send all the request codes at once, we can generate all of your unlock codes at once. Just launch each episode long enough to grab the request code, and make sure you say which one is for which episode. It's easy enough for us to look up your serial number so don't worry about that.

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