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Poker Night 2 just stops after cards dealt

posted by computeteen5 on - last edited - Viewed by 802 users

OK, so I can put up with bugs in the majority of Telltale games, but when the game just breaks after playing a match for 3 hours, that's annoying. Here's my problem: I'll get down to 1 player on the PC version and try to win. As soon as his money gets below 10000, he'll look at his cards and just sit there and stare and blink, not caring that he never made his move. Even after restarting the game and my computer 5 times, it's the same. I started 4 new tournaments and each of those failed. See a pattern here? I'm going to attach 4 files to try and get help: my dxdiag, my event log error reports for when the game crashes or freezes, my prefs.prop, and saves. If anyone can help me get a hotfix, it would be much appreciated.

Note: files too big for servers are on mediafire. - Save and prefs.prop - Dxdiag - Event logs for all crashes and freezes

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