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Episodes aren't downloading

posted by Momotatos on - last edited - Viewed by 752 users

Dear Telltale Games,

It seems like this problem isn't facing a "small number of users" anymore! The mere fact that such issue remains unsolved is a crisis on its own. We are in mid 2013, and this problem has been around for so long.

Well... I have an iPhone 4. I downloaded this game last year. I finished the first episode and tried downloading the second one as well, but the FAMOUS error message came up! I tried for so long until I gave up.

Now last month I tried again and MIRACULOUSLY I managed to download both episodes 2 and 3. Now I tried downloading episode 4. The first time I tried... It reached 99% and it froze. Completely frozen. Then I try again. It reaches somewhere in the 70% range. It also downloaded pretty fast. Took it almost an hour to download. Then the "Connection Lost while downloading" error appears.

I also read somewhere that if the phone heats up that could be an issue, so I wrapped my phone with ice when I downloaded episodes 2 and 3. But now it doesn't even work. Sometimes it goes up to 5% in 15 minutes and fails. Sometimes it stays at 0.00% and then fails.

My internet connection works perfectly fine and it is pretty fast. BUT WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED? AT LEAST TELL US WHAT WE CAN DO?

I am aware that some people found fixes for PCs, but none for iOS as far as I know. I keep checking for app updates. I mean it worked for episodes 2 and 3. Why isn't it working for 4?

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