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Question about support

posted by Truido on - last edited - Viewed by 197 users

Yesterday I wrote an e-mail to Telltale Support about some problems with the charges of the payment I'm experiencing. I recieved the answer almost immediately, and I replied to that e-mail but now I'm wondering if I should be answering to the new address that has been assigned to my case ( or just keep using . My second e-mail was sent to the new e-mail and I've still not recieved an answer, so I guess I have to re-send it to (including the number of the case), but I just wanted to be sure in order to avoid a new number being assigned to the same case or something like that.


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  • Hey Truido

    I just replied to your support ticket. I was waiting to hear what your bank said about the authorization. Did they say it was an actual charge? If so I can refund the 22.33 euros of the second charge. Another customer has had this same problem and we are currently trying to figure out what happened. Let me know that the bank says. You should probably receive the support email shortly.

  • I just sent a new e-mail to with more information about this.

  • Please keep replying to the same email so your replies will be appended to the same open ticket.

    I have left a message for someone at our ecommerce company to get help with this issue and am waiting to hear back from them. We're still trying to figure out what's going on, so it's not something we have an immediate answer for, but we're working on it. Stay tuned!

    EDIT: Have you contacted your bank to ask about this? The first amount is showing in our system as an authorization, not a charge. The authorization is made during checkout to ensure the account has enough money to cover the order, but we did not collect that money. We can't refund the authorization because the money hasn't entered our system.

    It would be really helpful if you could call your bank, tell them this is supposed to have been an authorization, and ask them if it is showing up on their side as an authorization or as a charge. If they say it's an authorization, then the fact that they deducted money from you is their mistake that they need to fix. If they say you have really been charged three times, we need you to tell us that so we can look into it further. We can't go any farther with this until we know what your bank has to say.

    Sorry this is so confusing. :( I'm going out of town for a week, so please email Scott back after you've spoken to the bank. Thanks!

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