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New Episodes Crashing and Rebooting

posted by lionhart on - last edited - Viewed by 227 users

Hi to start out with I have an AMD 3200+ with 1.5 gb of ram and a radeonx800 graphics card.

Just recently the newer sam and max episodes now crash on me and completely reboot my computer. I got about 80% through Night Of The Raving Dead before this started happening and the new episode just doesn't get very far into their introduction.

I have completely updated my drivers, the directx, and even my sound card and this still happens. All my other games including every single valve game ever, oblivion, ghost recon, silent hunter 4, etc still all play flawlessly and they have graphics that are above and beyond that of the episodes.

I am at a loss for what I need to do to fix this, hope someone can help me. Thanks for your time.

Oh and I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling these troublesome episodes with the same failing results.

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  • Can you play some time after you've started your computer and then it crashes? That would make me think of a heat-problem. Despite it's looks the S&M games aren't that light on resources btw.

    A reboot should leave an event-log entry, do you have 'reboot immediatly on crash' set to on (assuming you run XP) ? Either way, event log should have some entry at least. Reboot doesn't make me think of the game, but more of the driver .. on ATI sometimes an older driver seems to help?

  • fpostma beat me to it. Are the games crashing in a specific place every time or just randomly after a certain amount of time. Also, what operating system are you using?

  • I've been having this same problem, on episode 203 my computer crashes eventually whenever I go to the fireplace room in the zombie factory. Sometimes it crashes right when I go in there, other times it takes a couple minutes, but my computer just resets on me every time. I'm running Windows Vista, havn't had any problems running any of the earlier episodes.

  • Well the first thing to do is to re-download and install the episode, just to remove any possibility that that is the problem. The next step is to update your DirectX and your drivers (both video and soundcard).

    Also, how much free space do you have on your C: drive? It could be that you are just running out of room when the computer is trying to write to virtual memory. Finally, have you gone back and tried previous episodes to see if they have started crashing?

  • Hey guys I am having the same issue , my machine is as follows

    ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256mb
    Windows XP service pack 2
    1 gig of corsair ram
    AMD Athlon XP 3200+
    Asus Nforce 2 motherboard

    I go to load season 2 episode 1 and my screen flickers blue insantly upon loading and then my machine reboots. I'm so excited to play the new season and hopefully we will have a solution to this problem. I haven't tried loading any of the other episodes for the new season in fear that the intro might spoil something for me from the previous episodes.

    I didn't have this problem with season 1 and like the other poster all my other games VIA steam work perfect. The only thing I can think of is a shader model issue? My card only supports up to 2.0 and all the newer gamers are 3.0 and up , any ideas you guys?

    Really quick I want to say how awesome the Sam and Max series is and how well the team at Telltale is doing with the it! Keep up the good work mates!


    EDIT: It might be good to note I've already reinstalled them over steam and updated my drivers to the 8.4 cats (newest drivers available as of today). Is there any way I can revert back to the default settings of the game through the launch options and maybe put everything on lowest possible quality to see if that fixes it?

  • You know, I've been hearing a preponderance of ATI issues of late, but they all seem to be fixed by updating to the Omega drivers.

    I'm not sure what is different about ATI all of a sudden, but you can try giving them a shot (the big caveat being that these aren't officially supported drivers! I haven't heard of any problems with them yet, but I would hate if something went wrong and you weren't properly warned.)

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