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Do I need the base game to play The Walking dead Season 2

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Hey Guys
So I've seen my friends play the walking dead season 1 the whole way through(we basically pulled an all nighter cause it was so good) and have seen pewdipie play it through once. So I never bought the game sense I seen it so many times. However the 400 days game just cam out today and I wanted to buy it cause it was only $5. But it says it needed the base game so I though it wasn't worth it to buy the orignal and this. Now I'm worried that I won't be able to play season 2 without first purchasing the first two games? I've heard from people online saying in order to play season 2 I need to buy the first two games the original and 400 days first to play it. Is this true? I'm not totally against buying the first game, I just see little point since I've watched the game so many times and know all the choices. So what do you guys think?

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  • Yes get the game and finish Season 1 first since the DLC is Season 1.5 and serves as a bridge to Season 2.

    All actions in Season 1 will determine events in 400 Days and both events done in Season 1 and 400 days will be imported to determine the events of Season 2.

    If you don't have any of them then Season 2 will just randomize your actions in Season 1 and 400 days. It has a high chance to shape it into a form you may not enjoy. The actions will also determine the characters personality when you meet them again as the new protagonists in season 2 and affect the appearance of areas.

  • Since Season 2 will pick up the choises made in "400 Days" it would be smart to play at least that DLC. But then again why not experience the full story and play Season 1 as well, you won't be disapointed.

  • You probably can play season 2 without playign the other episodes. Telltale will probably just give you a "default" story or you get a little history lesson on what's happen (kinda like mass effect did) and give you the choices there.

    What i dont like about the second part is that they can never produce a little movie or something that's comparable to the actual game, so i think it will just ba a default story (probably being as nice as possible) and if you want a different route, buy and play the game.

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