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Those who stayed in Camp and Join Tavia

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So what do you think will happen to the people who stayed in the Camp?

My guess is in Season 2 we will encounter the camp again before meeting the characters who joined Tavia but this time Zombies have over run the place and those who stayed will be encountered again as zombies or permanently dead and later if we meet the people who joined Tavia we can mention their fate.

If all joined, or enough joins, Tavia our actions in the episode in Season 2 most likely will determine who will be in our group except for Bonnie since no matter what she joins Tavia which may hint they plan for her to die in Season 2 no matter what.

The possibility of the camp being overrun by zombies is hinted by the foreshadowing that they should not stay here once it is dark in the dialogue.

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  • I think that all the protagonists of 400 days will survive for the majority of season 2.

  • If we do play as a 400 day character, it'll be Bonnie if you ask me. Or, failing that, a choice of the characters who went with Tavia, (hence the reason behind my Bonnie theory as she always goes with her). If I'm correct, I think we'll go back to camp after the fall of Tavia's community and find the ones who stayed, if any, dead/missing/camp completely gone because they've moved on.

    If we don't play as a 400 days character, I think we'll come across the camp. In the same state as the OP suggested.

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