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It does not cost $19 to post a DVD to the UK

posted by Sir Primalform Magnifico on - Viewed by 466 users

I have bought many things from the US before, including products in DVD cases and it most certainly doesn't cost $19 to ship them.

Given that you advertise the DVDs as being part of the season purchase and available for the price of shipping, charging the exorbitant cost for shipping comes across as a very disingenuous way to falsely advertise the DVD as being included in the cost while effectively charging extra for it.

It's very similar to the Amazon marketplace and eBay sellers that list a very low price and then extremely costly shipping, except in that case I haven't already bought the product.

In this case, I have already bought the DVD and so it feels a little like I have to pay a ransom to get what belongs to me. I'd be happy to pay the actual cost of shipping.

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