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About Justin and Danny.....

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The problem I had with the two in the story was that after you shoot of one of two's leg, Vince simply abandons one of them, without any emotion, which just felt contradictory in his story.

I liked Justin AND Danny, regardless of there crimes. Danny seemed like a cool guy and seemed to care about Vince and Justin (Standing in front of that guard's shotgun so THEY wont get hurt, even making a remark that he, Justin, and Vince should get into business which me chuckle), even though he was sort of dumb (But he was pretty funny at it) and is (A confirmed) rapist, Vince still seemed to care about Danny at the campsite.

Justin, even though he was a dick, was pretty straight forward and calm (His remarks to Danny were pretty funny honestly), although he was too much of an asshole than Danny which had me shoot him (Telling Danny he was a rapist fuck caused me to do it, and yeah he was, but you didnt know if he was or not at the time), though at the end, Vince joins Tavia because it seems that he wants to find Justin, showing that Vince may have regards for him.

Now comes the part where you had to shoot on of their legs, it was pretty shocking to me and pretty fucking hard to decide (I chose Justin), and I actually felt bad. But after they got out of the bus, Vince and Danny just abandons Justin to get EATEN ALIVE which I just thought was pretty dumb and gave me a WTF moment. If I was Vince, I'd grab Justin, apologize with all of my damn heart, and just find a way to replace a missing foot (No man gets left behind, and it seemed Vince would help both of em out), though Im not sure considering this though because Justin would probably kill me after SHOOTING off his leg, but a living man is better than a dead man.

Regardless, the ending of that story was just stupid, it just seemed downright odd that Vince and Danny would just leave his ass to Walkers when I just saw them bond and what looked like them being somewhat friends (Hell even Danny complimented to Justin nicely about finding the gun, also they remind me of the Three Stooges for some reason, lol). Yes we did blow off his god damn foot, but come on, you either do that or get eaten, but that part if the person would want revenge for it is the unknown.

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