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Sporadic Connection and Black Screen Trying to Start Episode 2

posted by SgtTwattycakes on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users

I decided to delete my old save of TWD and start over after downloading the 400 days DLC, working my way through all of the episodes. I got through Episode 1 without issue, but when I go to start Episode 2 it prompts me if I want to rewind to a checkpoint. Either option gives me a black screen with the cursor, and nothing else indefinitely.

After restarting the game, after clicking "Click to Play" about 50% of the time it won't connect, and will sit at the connecting page indefinitely. When I can get through, I get the problem mentioned above.

I've checked my video and audio drivers already, both are up to date. I've also tried running the game as administrator on my pc, verifying integrity of game cache through steam, and restarting my pc. None so far have worked.

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