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(My game is vary broken) Please help

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Telltale games before i go on to tell you about my problem i want to state i i love the game that you made think that the direction that you are taking video games is wonderful if any of what Im about to say comes across as short I openly apologies

Here is how it all started I bought your game the walking dead for mac. I played episode one and then downloaded episode 2 after it didn't download the first time getting stuck on 99% for over an half hour so I stopped and restarted it and all seemed to go vary well. So then I was able to play though it and loved the game. However my problems truly started when I let my little sister play the game after me. She played though the first level no problem.

when we got to the second level it took her to a black screen. at first i assumed it was a problem with her save so i copied my own save to a different slot and tried to play episode to on it however this did not work. My next step was to back up the game and then reinstall it because i still had the installer open in my finder and then copy the saves back in it. Then after i downloaded the dlc i played episode 2 started without issue

Then after starting episode 2 and playing half of it it stopped working when we went to continue episode 2 the next day. this time it told me that i didn't have the dlc installed. I emailed your customer support email and got the confirmation email back its been a week with no response. Because I was impatient i went to the forum. Then I went to the support form and downloaded the support tool that had been going around the forum for mac. this also didn't work so then from the back up I made earlier I copied over the dlc from the back up. This again worked for a bit we where able to play though episode 2 and start episode three.

When 400 days came out I downloaded it and played tough it on my save i went though it and when i finished it it said that I didn't play though it but my sisters account save to completed it then i quit the game and went back on and it said that i didn't play it at all. Then when my sister when't to continue episode 3 it said that she was rewinding then when we pressed rewind and then it took us to a black screen.

Please can someone help me fix this game i have had problems that have been fixed that turned into other problem that now i have absolutely no idea what could possibly be the problem. I wanted to post pictures on the form but the file size limitation would make them to small to read so. I'll tell you the only thing that i find odd about my walking dead file and that there is 69 save files. so please help me fix my game because I'm tired of having a new problem each time I start up the game. I know because i have to do technical support a lot too that your biggest problem is not having the information you need so if i omitted anything you need please let me know so I can assist you in your efforts to help me.

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