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Characters you Hate

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Did you ever have a burning hatred against one of the characters in the walking dead (this includes 400 days). I hate a few characters; Lilly, Larry and Becca I f*cking hated her. So did you ever hate any characters? Who were they? Why did you hate them? How much did you hate them? Did you want to see them dead? Let me know.

Edit: I forgot to mention Christa. I also forgot to mention Vernon I hate him, he stole our boat and if you have seen my post in the 'Would you kill Vernon' thread you know how much I want to kill him and in the harshness way possible, sadly he's already dead but I don't really believe its true.

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  • I really, really hate Lilly, and one that has ever read my posts kind knows I am, a bit crazy when she is mentioned in good tone, so yes I will slaughter her without question and without thinking and would not even care in the least, Becca is annoying and reminds me of Carl but she is not all bad, maybe after she meets Clementine she might get better who knows, but this is coming from the guy who did not hate Duck or Ben, so I might be a little to hopeful.

  • I hated Larry, but then stopped giving a shit about him. Never hated Lilly, didn't like her and that's about it. I really hated Christa in the beginning - who the hell you are to lecture or berate me, maybe I know better!? But then she became a bit more nice, so I stopped giving a damn.

  • Becca. And Ben, too, after he admitted his guilt on the train, up until he begged me to drop him.

    EDIT: Forgot about Vernon, thanks for reminding me Sandwich. Hate him too. (Vernon, not Sandwich.)

  • Larry. I hate him with a burning passion

  • Funny since I dropped the salt on him but I did not hate him, I just believed he was dead and coming back.

  • The only character from 400 days I hate is Becca, the rest are are cool in their own way.

    I HATED Christa, the condescending way she spoke to Lee when they'd only met 5 minutes previously... If there'd been a "pimp slap this ho" option I'd have taken it. I liked her by mid episode 5, she makes a horrible first impression, but her heart is in the right place. I surprised myself when I told her that she and Omid needed to take Clem.

    I hated Ben, Episode 4 does a great job of making you hate him, I already wanted him dead after 3. I dropped him and never looked back.

    I also hated Larry, after all he tried to kill me. I never saw past that even though he was slightly more bearable in Episode 2.

    I didn't really like the Molly character, but nothing to do with Molly, just her superpowers were straight out of the Resident Evil movies.

    Hate Vernon.

  • I didn't like Christa at first, but I got used to her and I understood the reasons for her distrust.

    I hated Ben from middle of episode 3 to late episode 4. Gotta remember he's just a kid at heart.

    I hate Lilly period.

    Hated Larry in episode 1, but I didn't mind him in episode 2. Let's just say he got just desserts, with some salt.

    Didn't like Molly's attitude at first.

    I hate Nate(in a good way).

    I didn't like Becca, but I didn't mind her too much. I understand her problem to an extent. If you play the game several times and explore her character you'll find she doesn't actually WANT people to die, and she doesn't like what is happening. She's just a scared little girl, and she puts on a face to stop from showing it. Try giving her the gun to kill Stephanie after she asks to do it and she'll tell you to do it after giving you a look. I think she'll get better or worse in season 2 depending on how you play the game.

  • I never hated Larry he was overly-protective but Lee is a murderer
    I can't really hate Ben because all he is, is hopeless and it isn't his fault
    I never hated Lilly it wasn't her fault and I blame Doug for stopping her...
    I don't hate Vernon but I am disappointed in him as he seemed like a good guy...
    Nate is a loveable psycho...
    Becca is realistic and is what Clem will probably become...
    The only character I really hated was Kenny, he was treacherous, untrustworthy, judgemental and after all I did he left me for dead, never helped me didn't help me with Clem and would rather have a fist fight or a drink then be constructive...

  • C'mon guys, no one mentions the stranger? :p

    He was partially responsible for the deaths of Kenny, Ben, and Lee.

  • Vernon. He will rue the day he ever enters my eyesight again.

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