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Found the Final Resting Place of Carley/Doug.

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Due to Russell’s episode in 400 days I can now work out the exact location of the final resting place of Carley/Doug after Lily’s act of madness that autumn night.

As we know the group was fleeing Macon due to their motel camp being overrun by bandits and walkers and were trying to reach Savannah in order to find a boat and therefore most probably heading in an easterly direction.

Russell was travelling to find relatives in Statesboro, Georgia. According to his map if you choose to click it, the journey was 80 miles and we joined him when he had 63 miles to travel. Also on his map, he has marked the direction he has to travel which is a mostly an east-west line between two points. Two other things on note on his map, is the Route 16 – which is the main highway between Macon and Savannah is south of his journey. Also the huge lake far to the north (over 100 miles) from his journey – which is easily identified as J. Strom Thurmund Reservoir, north-west of Augusta.

Due to the large scale of the map, if Russell was travelling from the east to Statesboro, his map would show the coastline pretty easily, as well as Savannah. Also due to the position of the J. Strom Thurmund Reservoir, being west of Statesboro in longitude and his journey straddling either side of the lake in longitude – the only logical outcome is that Russell was travelling to Statesboro from the West.

quke.jpgRussell's Map in 400 days. Notice the traced journey and the word "ville" under a circle.

Where did Russell start his journey from? I have traced his map journey onto Google Map, using the roads available, and using the specified distance in the game. I have come to the conclusion that Russell started his journey from around Wrightsville, Georgia and journeyed east. In fact if you look at his map in game you can just about see “ville” below one of the circles. The map journey looks very similar to the Google map journey I traced. Not only that – the journey I traced is exactly 76.2 miles, almost 80 miles and is practically identically to the journey on the map.

mx3o.jpgThe traced route on Google Map of Russell's journey.

I am impressed with Telltale games for their detail in this, as they used small roads for Russell’s journey and kept off main roads as much as possible – highlighting Russell’s distrusting nature.

Now that we have the route, we can now pinpoint where Russell seen Carley’s/Doug’s corpse on the side of the road. Russell seen the corpse 63 miles away from Statesboro, either in an 80 mile journey or a 76.2 mile journey. This means he walked either 17 miles or 13.2 miles west from Wrightsville before encountering the corpse and Nate.

s2ke.jpg63 mile radius around Stateboro, where Russell found the corpse of Carley/Doug

Which means i can conclude that the body of Carley/Doug is lying on the side of the Kight Road (57) OR Bird Flanders Road, just North-west of Swainsboro, Georgia. :-( 

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