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Ages of Characters

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Some of the ages of Season 1 Characters were confirmed but mostly not. Also, I will put 400 Days characters on this list. Some of these are my guesses and assumptions of what most of the characters' ages are. This is speculation by me of around what most of the characters ages are. Confirmed ages will be bolded.

Season 1

Lee: 37 years old (Confirmed)
Clementine: 8 when shit hit fan, 9 as of now (Confirmed)
Kenny: Early to Mid 40s
Duck: 10 years old
Kaatja: Late 30s to Early 40s
Carley: Early 30s
Doug: Early to Mid 20s
Lilly: Mid 30s
Larry: Late 50s to Early 60s
Mark: Late 20s
Andy St. John and Danny St. John: Early 30s
Brenda St. John: Late 50s
Ben: 17
Chuck: Early 60s
Christa: Early 30s
Omid: Early 30s
Vernon: Early 60s
Brie: Early 30s
Stranger: Early 40s

400 Days

Vince: Early to Mid 20s
Wyatt: Early to Mid 20a
Eddie: Early 20s
Russell: 19
Nate: Late 30s to Early 40s
Bonnie: Late 20s to Early 30s
Leland and Dee: Mid to Late 40s
Shel: Mid 20s
Becca: 12 or 13
Roman: Late 30s
Stephanie: Early to Mid 20s
Boyd: Mid 60s
Joyce: Mid to Late 70s
Clive: Late 40s
Tavia: Early 40s
Guy Talking to Tavia on Radio: 99 :D :D

Your thoughts???

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