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How Long Does it Take to Get TWD Steam Codes?

posted by Audren on - Viewed by 486 users

So I e-mailed Telltale Support for a unique ticket number and filled out the form to get Steam codes for TWD. (I purchased the PC retail version, and therefore cannot get 400 Days) I sent them the e-mail on July 12th, and received a reply on the 15th. I had the necessary attachments as three separate files rather than one zip, and was asked to zip them and send back. I sent back an e-mail on the 16th with only one attachment, and besides the automatic e-mail, have heard nothing since.

I don't want to sound impatient, but it seems like an unusually long delay, especially considering the prompt reply from Support earlier. I haven't done anything with Telltale Support before, so I don't know how long these things normally take. How long has it taken other people to get these Steam codes?

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