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sorry about all my theorys taking up the forum, but i haz one more =]

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Those who are reading the comics will Know that the next Volume ( called all out war ) will feature a fight between 4 communitys, what if Tavias community is either the Hilltop or the Kingdom? Its a bit of a far out theory seeing as they are both In or around the washington DC area, but Tav does say " up north "....

Would be cool to take part in that big battle and also not have it mess with the comic cannon, mabey even get a quick glimps of a few of the comic characters whoopin some ass, would be a great way to tie the comic with the game, and i have a feeling that TT are itching to have ol Rick Grimes make a cameo! XD it wont happen, but if it does i want it known that i SAID IT 1ST! lol

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