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One way to resolve a big mystery from S1

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 361 users

In the late 1980's, a Batman story arc called DEATH IN THE FAMILY allowed fans to influence the outcome of a character (Robin) by calling a 900 number.

I'm not saying Telltale should use the exact same system, but they could try something similar with Kenny. Fans have been pretty divisive about Kenny's fate, depending on their own personal feelings about him. Since WALKING DEAD is already an interactive saga, maybe Telltale could likewise offer fans an option whether or not Kenny survives episode 5?

But this wouldn't be a choice along the lines of Doug and Carley. This could be an official online poll conducted by Telltale to let the fans have their say on Kenny's destiny. The final outcome of the polls would be kept secret until season 2 begins. If the majority had voted in favour of Kenny's survival, he could play a major role in a later episode, and not the exchangeable sort of scenario we saw with Doug/Carley. If the majority votes in favour of his demise...well, there's always room for another walker cameo.

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