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What if Telltale games teased us in 400 days.

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First I'd like to say first post and thread :D

Okay now to the topic, was I the only one expecting this. Okay imagine you being one of the characters during 400 days, and then you spot someone from season 1. Let's say for example you're Vince, and you see Kenny enter his car. Telltale then proceeds to give you the option to walk up to the car to talk to Kenny, but instead Kenny drives off as soon as you click that option.

Basically this would fall under the Dramatic Irony trope, where you know more then the person you're playing as. For example if Lily were to return in season 2, we'd know what she did in the past, but our characters wouldn't. Back to my examples, what if one of the characters were extremely close to the motel, and we know that's where the season 1 cast is hiding out, but our characters just keep on walking.

Yeah I know pointless topic, but this would have been extremely cruel for them to do so. For our characters to be near the season 1 cast, near Clementine and Lee, but only for our characters to keep on walking.

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  • Welcome to the forums :D if the first one happened (Kenny driving away) I would go "F*ck you game" and rage quit.

    Lilly returning in season 2, god help us.

    Seeing the motel would be nice even if we do just pass it by.

    And once again welcome to the forums, (I am TeamKennyAlways, you'll probably see me around, number 1 Kenny fan)

  • Welcome to the forums. I haven't been here long, anyway...

    But, if Kenny just drove off on us that would be a cruel move. We can't even talk to him?!?!?
    If Lilly came back... ... ...well, I wouldn't like it. Just keep it at that.

    They should show the Motor Inn, would be nice to at least see what's become of it. Those stupid bandits probably looted it.
    We'd be lucky to see a dead/walker Lee. We'll most likely see Clementine in person. The photo for Season 2 showed Clem next to another kid. Not sure who, because I haven't seen the REAL photo. Only photoshopped and fan-made photos.

    That's all I have to say on this, and once again, welcome.

  • Welcome and that would be cruel trolling by TTG!

  • Welcome to the forums.
    I think that would be hilarious but cruel, I want my surviving characters in season 2.

  • Welcome,I'm an Clementine and Carley and Lee and Kenny fan.
    Yeah... so .... welcome.
    That will be weird showing people we allready know.

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