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An interesting video I found

posted by Velociraptorius on - last edited - Viewed by 374 users

So, this video just popped into my "recommended for you" Youtube section. I figured I'd watch it, and ended up really appreciating it. This video,as you probably guessed from the name, shows off the dialogue that happens if you deliberately play Lee like an asshole, which, I think, most people didn't. For me it was interesting to watch these scenes which I wouldn't otherwise see, unless I did a full new playthrough dedicated to hurting characters I've come to love. So, enjoy. Some of these are really funny, some are so harsh it seems way out of character. Myself I only picked one from the choices displayed here and that was threatening to throw Ben off the train. I was sooo pissed at him, and I figured Lee would too, so it was one of those choices that seemed in character. Anyway, here's the video.

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