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Who did you think the stranger was going to be?

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THe guy on the radio talking to Clementine

I forgot Chet and Andre, could an admin add that for me?

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  • I knew it was going to be the stranger, I knew that it would be someone to do with the station wagon.

  • I had no idea who it would be, but I suspected none of the group members. Why would they do something like that? I didn't anticipate it would have anything to do with the station wagon either, I thought that choice was done, any consequences it would have would be purely moral. Guess I was wrong.

  • I thought it was someone who was near Savannah who accidentally picked up her frequency. I thought the person was a lonely pedo who was trying to lure Clementine to him. I didn't expect a guy to travel all the way to Savannah from Macon on a personal vendetta. That seemed a bit far fetched to me for the walking dead and a bit "cartoony". In the walking dead, revenge is rarely achieved. Rick doesn’t get revenge on the Governor after he takes his hand, Rick doesn't get revenge on Lilly for her killing his wife and child. Rick loses. He loses most of his family his home and his group. The Governor dies at the hand of Lilly, a stranger to Rick and she is then, lost to the herd. Rick didn't know who killed his wife and child and didn't know their killer’s fate. He just had to move on.

    I think the whole consequence thing with the station wagon would have been more realistic if the stranger attempted his revenge on the group by kidnapping Clem when they were still in Macon at the motor inn. He could have lured her out at night and drove her to Savannah since he was communicating with her for a week and gained her trust enough to get her to keep their conversations from the group. The bandit attack could have happened on the road to Savannah at a temporary camp since bandits are very common in that world.

    I still liked the game though but I had problems believing the stranger revenge plot device.

  • When we were first being stalked upon arriving in Savannah I suspected Lilly, as Lee and Kenny were the last original group members left and were coincidentally the two responsible for killing her dad and ditching her on the side of the road.

    By the end of episode 4 when Clem had been kidnapped, I ceased to care who it was as I knew they simply had to be stopped.

  • I thought it would be a sick pedofile tbh.

  • I thought he was going to be worse then he was, pedo was my worst fears, Telltale was way to good at screwing with my mine.

  • Ben :D GODDAMMIT BEN! No I'm just kidding, I thought it was gonna a new character/someone else.

  • Thought he was Oberson in episode 4.

  • Eh... I thought it was going to be Glenn because he left with the walkie talkie.

  • I voted Ben for shit's and giggles.

    In all honesty, I thought it was Negan from the Comics.

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