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Who's the Most Messed Up Character in Season 1?

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As we know, there are some messed up people living around after an undead world, but before you make any quick decisions, let's review what we have.

Take note, all these people have been reduced to their prime element.

Kenny - Can leave you for dead and come to quick decisions about all people but his own family.

Larry - Trying to protect his daughter, but unnecessarily endangering and threatening everyone in the process.

Ben - Goes with his best intentions, but ends up making things worse, but his quest to do something right never did stop.

Brenda and Andy St. John - Resorted to cannibalism from helpless strangers to survive, but regretted their decision.

Danny St. John - Resorted to cannibalism to survive, and didn't bat an eye at the death of another.

The Bandits - A group of scoundrels driven by anger, hunger, and lust.

Jolene - After her daughter was taken, she obsessed about a new little girl who she had no relations to.

The Stranger - After his family was all lost, he manipulated a little girl into being kidnapped to keep as his new daughter for him and his dead wife's head to enjoy.

Vernon - Betrayed and assaulted a group of people who he helped and helped him.

Clyde - He shot, EVERYTHING.

Nate - After a series of unknown events and his friend being shot, he chased down a duo to avenge his friend. Weeks passed, and his sense of right and wrong plummeted. He still retains basically what is right and wrong, but then and then it's hard for him to differentiate.

Roman - Secured a safe zone to the point of feeling like a prison, and will hunt anyone who betrays him down.

Maybelle - Cows are some crazy bastards.

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