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Team Doug/Carley ( appreciation thread ) .

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I decided to make a Doug/Carley appreciation thread . If Kenny and Lilly deserve appreciation threads , than so should Doug/Carley .
However , there are going to be rules for this thread . And those rules are :
Rule 1: No bashing of Doug and Carley for example " Carley is stupid because she doesn't know how to put batteries and deserved to die in episode 1 and 3 " " Doug is more awesome than Carley " " Doug is fat and useless " .
Rule 2: No Doug Vs Carley wars like " I saved Doug because he is useful while Carley isn't " " Doug's death is more tragic than Carley's death " " Doug doesn't know how to shoot so i choose Carley " .
And those are the rules .
Now let's begin .

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