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Russell's Story and Lee's Timeline

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One minor detail about Russell's story that I found interesting, was that it sort of establishes a timeline for Lee's story.

We first meet Russell on day 184, and if you choose the hide option when Nate's pick up truck appears, Russell either sees Doug or Carley lying dead off to the side of the road. This kind of establishes a timeline for Lee as advanced decomposition hasn't set in for Doug or Carley, and they both are still recognizable, despite laying fully exposed to the elements in autumn in Georgia, when it still be quite warm.

Im thankfully no expert on human decomposition, but I doubt that could have been anything more than a couple weeks at most after Carley or Doug had been killed.

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  • It had been round 70-80 days I think since Lee dies around day 103,104 i think.

  • I'd say that Russell's story is more than a few weeks past Episode 3. Probably within a month or two. Episode 1 starts off very early on into the ZA (right around Vince's story) and covers a couple of days. There's a three month time gap between 1 and 2, so we're around 90 days at Episode 2. That episode takes place in only one day. It's not really clear how much time passes between 2 and 3, but it can't have been more than a week or two. So, by the time Carley/Doug dies, we're around 100-120 days in.

    Whether their body should've decomposed at that rate within two months, (or if it should've been more decomposed) I haven't the slightest clue.

  • Lee story ends in the gap between 110-120 days into the apocalypse

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