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400 Days will not run!

posted by mdsf on - last edited - Viewed by 669 users


I recently bought 400 Days on Steam. TWD 1 thru 5 worked well and I completed the game twice. 400 Days instead just dies on me every time I click on the Click to Continue button. I get the WalkingDead101.exe has stopped working message.

I have checked multiple sites to troubleshoot the problem and have:
- done all the properties suggestions (Compatibility mode Windows98/ME, XP and Windows7)
-Disable Desktop Composition
-Run as Admin
-checked the file integrity of my game files in Steam
-Deleted the local content in Steam and re-downloaded it

I've pretty much run out of options at this point.
I'm attaching the PC-Support data file to help you figure out what is going on.

BTW, I don't have a gamepad.



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