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New Wolf Among Us Info/Previews - PSA: Releases this Friday (Oct 11) + New Footage on IGN Up at Noon

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Recent Updates about the game

Episode 1 releases this Friday. Woo! Additionally, a new Launch trailer is out!

August 20: Additional previews indicate that the series will be five episodes (no big surprise) and that all platforms, even Xbox 360, will have a Season Pass whereas episodes will cost $5 individually. Also, unlike Walking Dead, Shacknews gives the impression Telltale will be returning to monthly instead of bi-monthly-ish episodes.

October 3: Telltale has just put up pre orders up on Steam and their own store, and collector DVDs are back for people who get the season on the Telltale Store. No release date has been announced, but we can't be too far off...

October 4: Episode Titles have been revealed on Steam:

Episode One: Faith
Episode Two: Smoke and Mirrors
Episode Three: A Crooked Mile
Episode Four: In Sheep's Clothing
Episode Five: Cry Wolf

October 7th: IGN has a short clip of an early fight scene from episode One on IGN Up at Noon. Footage starts at 13:57
Additionally, they also tease TWAU as "coming soon" and that Walking Dead Season 2 will premiere during the course of TWAU Season 1. (In other news, someone found that the page for Episode One has a release date of the 11th; aka this Friday).

(Original Post from August and earlier edits/additions are below)
For those who do not follow Telltale's twitter, some sites have released previews for the first hour of Wolf Among Us Episode 1. Several of the previews indicate the game's release was delayed from Summer to Fall ("Late September/Early October according to Destructoid).

Most of the previews consist of story spoilers, but I included some interesting non-spoilery excerpts below.
"Investigation isn't part of the gameplay, but it is part of the plot. You're aren't always really in situations to look for clues or details, but you can look around for more story points if you want. This design plays into Bigby's conflicted nature. He could be a proper detective, one that goes by the books. Or go more with his wild side as the Big Bad Wolf to sniff out crime scenes and use his gut instinct. You'll find different things depending on how you investigate the situation.

On the technical side, you can now hold down the right trigger to move your character a little faster. Also, the Telltale engine has been improved to resolve issues players had with The Walking Dead such as save-state problems, frame-rate hiccups, and the like. The technology for Telltale games kind of gets locked into place with the first episode to a series, as the subsequent episodes are treated as downloadable content. So a lot of the issues have been ironed out, Telltale told me."
"Bigby is an interesting character, in that he's much angrier and more physical than any of Telltale's previous heroes. Throughout TWD, I chose to have Lee act with the sole goal of keeping Clementine safe and sculpting her into a strong, independent woman. But with Bigby, that's all out the window. I have to keep order in a town full of vulgar frogs, alcoholic pigs, and smug mirrors with an affinity for end-rhyme. This time around, I'm willing to do whatever's necessary in order to right a wrong, even if that means throwing a flanneled woodsman out a window.

After playing about an hour of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, I walked away with the utmost confidence in Telltale's next adventure. Any fears that this game would have to cower in the shadow of The Walking Dead were immediately put to rest, as it became clear that this story stands tall with its own unique voice and style. I seriously can't wait to see just how unhappy of a man I can make Bigby when The Wolf Among Us launches early this fall."

Joystiq has a preview up as well with new video footage.
"And to tell the truth, that's a good way to describe the majority of my experience with The Wolf Among Us: moments of strong emotion preceded by moments of absolute surprising surrealism. It's a bit much to take in, this world of fairy tale creatures, magic and morality, but Telltale manages to instill an emotional weight that makes it easier to look past some of the out-there stuff – like a pig smoking a cigarette, only pausing to greedily lap up hooch from a highball glass.
Here I was, watching a story unfold about mythical creatures hiding out in New York City and it's all so ridiculous and yet I didn't even question it – not once. The emotional impact and intensity of the storytelling drew me in immediately and I was hooked. Telltale Games has risen to provide a level of character development and narrative other studios would do well to dissect.

The Wolf Among Us is slated to launch either in late September or early October for Xbox 360, PS3, Mac and PC. Five episodes will be available in total, priced at $5 each. Season pass options will present themselves on all platforms closer to launch."

Other Previews

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    fusedmass BANNED

    This game was made for PC originally. I hope they don't delay it, to code the consoles. Let them wait, I want to play the game now. Is this were a drug. I'd be having withdrawals. Come on Tell Tale we're counting on you.

  • User Avatar Image
    Vainamoinen Moderator

    This game was made for PC originally.

    Really? Who said that? ;)

    Seeing that the console versions of the episodes have to be finished far earlier than the PC version - so Sony and Microsoft can take their two weeks' time for the certification process - I wouldn't be so sure about that.

    Also... after the TWD headache... I really WANT Telltale to do simultaneous releases as much as possible.

    TWaU is just around the corner. And no console will be able to stop it... ;)

  • User Avatar Image
    fusedmass BANNED

    Is Sam and Max, Back to the Future, etc all on consoles. Reach TWD was because it was massive hit. Focus on PC date first then release the others when you figure out the coding. Why should we be delayed because other systems needed be rewritten.

  • Haven't there been articles saying that they are attempting simultaneous release this time?

  • Hey, dont be selfish, lol. Im playing on my console and want to get it the same time as you. Anyway, they are shooting for early October at the latest right, so we only have two, maybe three more weeks to wait if that pans out.

  • User Avatar Image
    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Haven't there been articles saying that they are attempting simultaneous release this time?

    No need for articles. They're trying very hard to deliver simultaneously ever since Jurassic Park, and they're getting better with each new game.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I don't hate you. Its everyone for themselves. I need my fix soon and delaying it for coding on other systems just to release all at once. Is pointless. Let me play the game. If you're reading this tell tale. Can you send me the link to the demo please.

  • User Avatar Image
    fusedmass BANNED

    Their not at point where theyy can release it exactly when PC one is complete. Why should we wait an extra weeek just for other systems. I don't mean sound greedy but they didn't release walking dead till after the PC.

  • i think simultaneous release on all platforms should be the norm, it is the best way to do it

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    Profanity BANNED

    Really? Who said that? ;)

    Seeing that the console versions of the episodes have to be finished far earlier than the PC version - so Sony and Microsoft can take their two weeks' time for the certification process - I wouldn't be so sure about that.

    It's probably easier to downgrade than to upgrade. Meaning PC version first would work better.

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