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Did you read the Fables comics?

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Do you read the Fables Comics?

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    Well, he's not supposed to be likable, he's the Big Bad Wolf. He's very gruff and aggressive. He get more likable later on.

    I think playing Bigby as a character, you immediately see much more of the shit he goes through because everyone has these preconceived notions of him. There's a fair degree of tension between doing his job as sheriff and figuring out how to navigate relationships and basically interact with people, something that's he's still getting used to. It's in the comics as well for sure, just takes a little longer to shine through.

  • I have no doubt that we'll see a lot of Bigby's character progression and struggle in the game. Im very excited for that. I actually enjoy the character very much in the comic. He started being the villain but you kind of learn to understand why and when he actually has something to change for, he puts his all into it. He's no saint but I think he does have a good heart. I cant wait to play as Bigby when the game releases. Hopefully maybe some others if there are sequels. Maybe as Jack?

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I just read Legends in Exile on my iPad (thanks again holisk for pointing out the sale smile).

    That was great. I liked Bigby. He was rough around the edges, but he still seemed like he legitimately wants to be reformed. He's the classic anti-hero, like Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds.

    It now makes me want to play The Wolf Among Us even more. mrgreen

  • Another sales alert.

    Comixology (digital comic platform) just made this week's sale to be on the Fables series! This means the main series (Fables #1-130), Cinderalla (she is an awesome character in the series) centric series (Both Fables are Forever and From Fabletown with Love), Jack of Fables (no opinion. Never read it), and Fairest (basically spin-off of Fables focusing on their female characters).

    It does not have some of the spin off ie 1001 Nights.

    My advice is to get the first 5 issues and Fables: The Last Castle so you can get the gist of the Fables series. The Last castle shows parts of the battle going on in the Homelands as suggested in the first 5 issues. Given how this game is a prequel, I see no reason WHY you should go past the first five but there are supposedly going to allusion to events in the comic.

    Given how this sale is happening, I really think something might happen this week!

  • I have read them all including a wolf in the fold which I thought would of been bigger but still liked it and by all I mean fables not the side stuff like jack or Cinderella but I have read everything with bigby or family in it

  • I've been reading the comics for years and I absolutely can not wait for this game. I can't wait to interact with some of my favorite characters. I even have Fables tattoos!

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    I even have Fables tattoos!

    Pictures (or at least descriptions), please! :)

  • I have read around 50 comics and I must say that the Series is Awesome. Really love the Alternate Reality of some well known Fairy Tale Characters. I'm really looking forward to playing as Bigs.

  • What kind of tattoo do u have send pics or link

  • I read up to Volume 7 (I think?) and really loved them

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