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Did you read the Fables comics?

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Do you read the Fables Comics?

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  • I agree, I never really heard of the Fables Series till I saw this game. I am drawn to it mostly based on the previews that it is a Mature Noirish Story set in a fairy tale universe. There was a game a few years ago called "Emerald City Conidential" which was a "Teen Friendly" Noir Story set in the Land of OZ, which this reminded me of. Last real Noirish Game I played before that was the Tex Murphy Series. Good Story is what i look for, so lets see if a total Newbie to the Universe can understand it. Time will tell

  • I don't feel like there is a need to. TellTale should be able to allow the player to have fun with the game regardless if they have any knowledge of the actual series and since this is a prequel, I don't think it should be that hard for anyone to enjoy the experience and just let them see what they can do. (Though then again, this game is considered canon within the Fables series according to the Fables' creator so...)

  • Yep. I adore them. I've only read up to the introduction of the Arabian Fables, though. I need to get back into picking up the hardcover editions.

  • Ya telltale did a great job for making easy for any one to play this but if u read the comics it makes the experience tremendously better

  • I just read 1001 Nights and Legends in Exile and it was very enlightening. Oddly, Bluebeard looks exactly how I expected him and I understand a comment someone posted elsewhere about Snow seeming different in game, more submissive; she seems much more volatile in the comics.

  • This definitely falls under the category of "fanart" and pictures are required.

    I even have Fables tattoos!

    Well that didn't work. I posted as a reply to a specific comment and somehow landed at the end.

  • This thread was made before the new forums, so it uses old forum style where all answers go at the bottom of the discussion.

  • Yep, just like in the good 'ole days. I'm getting used to threaded, I just wish the notification feed worked better.

  • Can't wait for the next issue to come out, a lot has went down the last three issues and I just want Bigby and Snow to be together.

  • Neither can I but 135 is most likely not going to have anything to do with the wolf family I really can not wait for bigby to come back I also can. Not wait to see what is going to happen to the wolf cubs with the prophecy my favorite cub is connor

    The first child will be a king, Winter

    The second child a pauper

    The third will do an evil thing. Therese

    The fourth will die to stop her. Darien

    The fifth will be a hero bold.

    The sixth will judge the rest.

    The seventh lives to ages old, and is by heaven blessed. Ghost?

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