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205 = Brilliant (spoilers)

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Ok I just wanted to give my opinion on 205 because I just have so much to say about it 8D
There will be loads of spoilers, so leave now if you haven't played all the season yet D8

Ok well, I loved the music I'm definatly gonna get the soundtrack and I couldn't stop laughing all the way through. In general I believe season 2 was much better than season 1 because of all the fun lil extras, such as sams personal hell (and being a zombie, a ghost, lil kids, play technically as max) . I loved how he walked and his expression, poor sam XD and how leonard was in hell to, its so funny to see how many people sam and max have killed rofl

I also liked how loads of the season 1 bad guys were there like brady (always wanted to know what happened to him) and it was great to see hugh bliss, and even see *can't renember his name, not superball* the secret agent.

That does have me still curious though why superball was standing in front of sam and maxs closet door? Maybe I just havn't figured it out yet, I am slow like that D=

The ending was also great, I guessed that lava was gonna come sooner of later. I could talk for hours about this :D

but I just wanna say thanks Telltale
thank you thank you thank you 8D for providing me great entertainment
^^ now please make a season 3
please ;_;

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