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Doctor Who and the Forum Invasion

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Here's a new thread to discuss the continuing adventures of Doctor Who (presently played by Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara (presently played by Jenna Coleman).

Here's a wiki page.
Here's a wiki.
Here's what's canon.

And here's The Kandyman and Alpha Centauri:

Are we good? We're good.

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  • Great article on the significance of these Dr Who recoveries

    Basically, in short, buy it and buy some for your friends because every little bit helps.

  • So it does pay to visit Telltale on occasion! I take it you guys have seen the awesome new Teaser trailer?

  • I suppose I can watch it for the 6th time, if you insist!

  • Well, with less than 3 weeks to go until the 50th anniversary special, time to place your bets on who John Hurt is supposed to be playing. Is he the real Ninth Doctor, thus pushing the New Who Doctors back one and screwing up the 11 symbolism that Moffat has been beating you over the head with for 3 seasons? Is he the being that existed between 8 and 9, and did something so horrific that 9, 10 and 11 don't consider him to be the Doctor, thus keeping the 11 symbolism safe? Is he a really old Eighth Doctor? How about a really old Second Doctor? Have I just missed the announcement of who he is and thus look like a complete fool?

  • "Is he the being that existed between 8 and 9, and did something so horrific that 9, 10 and 11 don't consider him to be the Doctor, thus keeping the 11 symbolism safe?" That is the current "official" explanation, though there might be more to it

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    Jennifer Moderator

    The John Hurt Doctor existing between 8 and 9 and doing something so horrific that the incarnations after him don't consider him "The Doctor" seems the most likely option.

    Although, I think it would be more interesting if he was actually the 12th incarnation, and 11 recognizes him because he already met him when he was the 10th Doctor (and, if the setting is The Last Great Time War, presumably the 8th as well). If 12 did go back to the Last Great Time War at a time when he was in his 8th incarnation, and effectively put an end to the Time Lords and Daleks by sealing them in a time lock (as was shown in The End of Time), I could see how 11 would refuse to acknowledge 12 as "The Doctor" (since he left his own timeline just to effectively eliminate two entire species). And, if he did meet his 8th self when he was in his 12th incarnation, it would explain why 9 was so depressed when he met Rose since he had just recently witnessed a future version of himself eliminating his own race.

    It would be even more interesting if 12 was regenerated as Peter Capaldi's 13th doctor at the end of The Last Great Time War, and 11 was regenerated into John Hurt's 12th Doctor at the end of the 2013 Christmas special (and the 12th doctor headed straight through the time lock, presumably because he saw an opening caused by whatever events transpired in that special). If 13 was regenerated right after the events of The Last Great Time War, it could lead to an even darker and depressed doctor than 9 (since it wasn't a future Doctor who had eliminated two entire species, but one just a mere regeneration prior to his own). I could definitely see that Doctor eventually becoming the Valeyard.

  • Oh man, that would be pretty awesome. I mean, it would add a lot to the line "I saw it happen... I MADE it happen!"

    If it was RTD doing the show running, I'd say this would be a likely outcome. Since it's Moffat, nobody will ever die ever and there will be sunshine and roses all the way.

    Oh crap, I'm supposed to be in exile. Back off into the ether I go!

  • Well tonight I'm finally going to watch the (probably hated but whatever) 1996 movie. Yeah, I've got Spearhead from Space on the DVR that I should watch, but the movie is probably more relevant to the 50th anniversary.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I quite liked the 1996 movie. The elements that people didn't like didn't bother me too much. I actually liked the Master's snake form. It would make sense that the Master would obtain some sort of way of cheating death when he knew he was going to be tried on Skaro (which no doubt he would know would be a show trial with no real justice, since the Daleks don't care about other races, except to exterminate them).

    As for the doctor's claims about his mother's side of the family, the Doctor obviously lied (as evidenced by the 10th Doctor's duplicate). There's explanations for both in books and comics, but honestly, both really don't have to be explained. The Doctor and The Master are best when there's mysteries about them. It's fantasy, after all. Anything's possible. :)

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