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Well, okay...

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I've never heard of these characters before. Maybe it's just me or they generally aren't this well known in germany, which to some degree must be the case as otherwise they wouldn't be introduce so well. Anyway i had a look at the characters and my first thought was this looks just disgusting. It's almost the opposite of what i like. But whilst saying so the videos also had a certain charme, it's both distracting and interesting.

So i went to youtube and watched a few videos which they have online and whilst not everything was something to laugh, i liked the concept behind it and three of the videos were really funny (video games, dragon, can't remember the third). So i think you can get used to this look to a certain degree but as soon as the humour is out it leaves at least me in a quite distracting world. It heavily depends on how funny/interesting these games will be designed. It's hard to imagine moments, like in Sam&Max, were you just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere in a certain location for a while. Other game aspects than the gfx have to do the work here on their own.

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  • Don't watch low quality Homestar videos on YouTube, Homestar has it's own site.

  • the site is . If you don't like it, you don't have to buy the game when it comes out. No one is forcing you to.

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    Shauntron Telltale Staff

    I yearn for the day I have so much free time I can not only play all the games I like, but also complain about how not every game caters to my taste.

  • I agree with taumel on this.

    I think Homestar runner isn't known very well outside the US. At least here in Israel I don't know anyone who ever heard of it.

    I'm also going through the toons in preparation for the games. I think some of them are pretty funny, but most of them are so-so. I was a bit disappointed that the series Telltale is making is homestar runner. It seems to me like:

    1. The characters aren't very relationable. That's probably not a word, but I don't know what's the word I'm looking for. I mean the characters are so quirky, they are very hard to actually relate to, so I don't find myself really caring that much about what's happening to Strongbad.

    2. The world - intentionally - doesn't look very good

    Given 1 and 2, I guess this is a game that would rely mostly on its humor and not on the story or atmosphere. That's okay, it's just not really the kind of games I like.

    I could actually also give "1." as a complaint for Sam&Max but at least it looks good and the story is somewhat interesting. I still think I would've preferred a "bit more serious" adventure game (I mean the amount of seriousness of "Bone" or "Phoenix Wright" - not CSI serious) instead of a "bit more quirky" one.

    Having said all that, I'm still going to buy this game, and it's probably going to be better than most adventure games out there right now, since it's made by TTG :D

  • @Shauntron
    As you posted i guess you already improved your situation significantly?!

    @Iron Curtain
    Thanks, i'll have a look at it.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Homestar isn't everyone's cup of tea, for sure. But the people who do like it, really like it. As I'm sure even those unfamiliar with Hometar have noticed, our forum has exploded lately with new fans excited about the Homestar game. Also, fortunately for those who aren't huge into Homestar, we have a third franchise still to be announced!

  • The franchise has a very big following among English speaking countries - not just the US, but also Canada, the UK, and Australia.

    Our hope is that people in other countries who are already familiar with Telltale's games will find out about the license through us. If that happens, it's win-win for everyone. :D

  • It might be interesting but honestly it doesn't seem to be what i'm really after. As written in another thread it would be so much cooler getting a game which just is more like the old beloved LucasArts adventures in style and characters. Maybe the third franchise will be more my direction. Anyway, thanks for the explanation.

  • Also, if the language difference is a turn-off, check out the HRWiki Subtitles Project -- there's a group of translators who have been working on translating subtitles for Homestar Runner into Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish!

    To be sure, some of the humor is difficult to translate, but I think the fact that there are people dedicated to translating H*R into all these languages indicates that there are fans all around the world!

    (EDIT: Here are some instructions for getting the subtitles set up in German and Hebrew, in case either of you is interested)

  • Thanks Trey57!

    Actually, someone already told me about this project on the adventuregamers thread. It really saved these toons for me, because I couldn't understand a word of the spoken english before I installed these subtitles :p

    I installed them in english though. I don't have a problem understanding the english words, only in the deciphering the spoken voice because these characters talk funny... I really hope the game will have subtitles.

    (Well, I'm sure it will actually)

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