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Any Culture Shock save files to share? *spoilers*

posted by Link281 on - last edited - Viewed by 490 users

Hey. I really hate to ask this, and hope i'm not breaking any rules by asking for this, but I just started playing Season 1 for the past week or so, and was just getting to the end of Culture Shock (where Brady has Max tied up) and for some reason, my save files have crashed. When I try to load them, the screen just goes black, and there isn't even a thumbnail for them anymore in the load screen. I've tried starting a name game and saving a new file, which worked, so the game is still working fine. I was kind of looking forward to getting to episode 2 because I thought Culture Shock was just awesome, so I don't really want to have to do it all over again (already, I mean). If I have too I will, but it would be great if someone had even a save file that was close to the point that I mentioned earlier.

And I apologize for probably sounding like a moocher going after your save files :\ That isn't my intention:p Thanks.

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