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Leave or Bring Stephanie in RV?

posted by o0HeaDShoT0o on - Viewed by 263 users

If you remember, I talked about an alternative in Shel's story where Shel would seize an opportunity to save Stephanie from execution. Now, what I would like to know is this; If you had the opportunity to leave the pit stop in the RV and take Stephanie with you, (despite her escape attempt) what would you do?

For me, I would've brought her along in the RV.

  • No, there are no opportunity to take Stephanie with you.

  • Im not sure,I didnt kill her but how can I be sure she wouldnt escape for me to and steal most of my supplies aswell? ive got a kid (well..tennanger) in my team ! If I would bring her back to the RV it will be something like "I just saved you from death,dont do this to me" an try being in a good relashionship with her,she will trust and be thankful for saving her from roman she may stay loyal to me,unless she is a bitch.

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