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Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to the shiny new Telltale Games community hub! Since the forums have been updated, we've given the forum guidelines an overhaul as well. There won't be any surprises here for old-timey members - we've just written down the general common-sense stuff that our mods have been looking out for since forever. Special thanks to our dedicated mod team for their input!

1. Respect, Civility and Organization

1.1 R-E-S-P-E-C-T! We're all here to have fun, so be cool to each other. Always behave respectfully towards other community members, moderators and Telltale team members. Insults, hate speech, platform wars… leave it out. If you feel especially slighted by another forum member, use the "Flag" button to report their comments to moderators instead of shooting back!

1.2 Don't post gross stuff. That covers images containing excess nudity or violence, and other material that could be considered offensive or NSFW.

1.3 If you think a certain topic is not worth discussing, don't try to destroy the ongoing discussion. Just refrain from posting in that thread.

1.4 Posting two (or more!) times in a row in the same discussion and replying to yourself are considered poor forum etiquette. There's an edit button you can use to update your comments after you hit the "Post" button - please use it if you suddenly think of something else to add and the discussion hasn't moved in the meantime.

1.5 Before you open a new discussion, please check for existing discussions on the same subject. That'll help avoid seeing your posts locked or moved.

1.6 We don't appreciate "appreciation threads"! Statements of the "Yeah, [insert character name here] is pretty cool" nature just do not make great community discussion material.

1.7 Spoiler tags: use 'em! If your comment contains spoilers, be sure to mark it accordingly using the "My post contains spoilers" button so that everyone can experience the joy of discovery for themselves.

1.8 You are entitled to one (1) forum account. Please don't create confusion by using more than one forum identity.

2. Advertising and Spam

2.1 Fan art, fan fiction, and let's play/walkthrough links may be posted by community members in the appropriate discussions. Games you made, books you wrote etc. which do not concern one of Telltale's games can be announced in the "General Chat" section.

2.2 Make sure that you're still here for the community discussion first, not primarily for making people aware of this video walkthrough or that fan fiction. Only participating community members have that right.

2.3 Announcements of or links to any kind of community-made patches/modding for Telltale's games (including unofficial foreign language subtitles) cannot be posted here.

2.4 Advocating software piracy on this forum, posting links to download sites or naming these sites for reference, admitting to piracy or threats/insinuations/announcements of such actions will all lead to an immediate ban. Community members are discouraged from discussing piracy even if they respond with counter-arguments to a piracy-advocating member.

2.5 Telltale and our community are absolutely not interested in home loans, Nigerian bank accounts, online streaming services and the like.

2.6 Please report obvious spam threads/comments using the "Flag" button and do not reply to them.

3. Individual Flair

3.1 Use swear words if you like, but sparingly. There are no swear filters on this forum. Try to not make us regret this.

3.2 Please use accents like large letters, highlighted text, all caps, pictures, animated gifs, emoticons etc. sparingly. Keep images small enough to stay within the message boundaries.

4. Timeouts / Bans

4.1 Ignoring the forum guidelines or warnings from moderators may result in a forum member being temporarily banned (duration to be at the mod or admin's discretion). During such a timeout, all games purchased from the Telltale online store by the banned member will remain intact and can still be played.

4.2 Never attempt to circumvent a ban by creating a new account. The timeout would at least be doubled immediately.

4.3 Please refrain from talking about banned members or their ban reasons "behind their back" during a timeout.

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