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Cheap Color Collection on Ebay "Buy it Now"

posted by ZeroSA on - last edited - Viewed by 150 users

I was on e-bay searching for sam and max and found the Color Comic Collection as a "Buy It Now" for less than $13 including shipping and handling! I am kind of steamed since I just bought this same thing for twice as much, but I figured I should share the love. Here is the link.

It is said to be in Near Mint Condition, and here is a link to what the store own says "Near Mint Condition" Means.

ZeroSA, out.

Edit1: This does not have everything that the reprinted "Sam and Max Anniversary Collection" that Telltale is selling. Seriously, if you have to choose between the two, buy the reprint. That said, this is a kind of hard to find item selling for a good bit less than normal.

Edit2: A TellTale Forum Member bought it.

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