• I really don't think it's Crane. It feels way to obvious with a character that has "SINISTER AND SHADY" written all over him.

  • Gotta question: What was BEAST doing in the whore house at the end?

  • Maybe its Jack? Or he is involved? At Faith's crime scene, you find a piece of jeans. Jack wears ripped jeans... but it could all be circumstantial evidence.

  • On more time - VIVIAN. Bigby ignoring this lead would really surprise me. She's a girl from Pudding and Pie, she knew Lily and Faith. She smokes. What brand? Well, there is cigarette machine in club. With Huff&Puff inside. She knows Crane. They had a meeting last night. Crane asked about wine, remember? There was bottle of wine in room 207! And Huff&Puff cigarettes! There is an achievement "Huff&Puff" in 3rd ep. Vivian knows as much as Crane, at least. With Ichabod gone, I would go and ask her.

    • What would be her motive? Not saying it is not possible, but what would the motive be?

      • Motives. There may be hundreds of them; jealous, hate, vengance, madness... Her story, knowing who she actually was, would help a lot but according to Book of Fables: "Much of Vivian's past is unknown since she prefers not to talk about her life back in the Homelands."

        Edit. "Lily. Now you will never die from indifference or lead a tedious life... Vivian." It may be something or not.

  • Im sticking to that red head. Although there are connections with Bluebeard, the Dee brothers, and that Vivian girl.

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