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A New TT-based S+M Animated Series?

posted by Ashton on - last edited - Viewed by 278 users

Just a thought I had, it's probably already been thought of, but...

Since the CGI S+M are to easy to animate (just keyframe and the comptuer genenrates the rest) and so many settings are already made...

Any possibility of there beign a new S+M animated series? you guys did it already with the shorts form season 1, what about a full-length 20-minute series? Or even a single S+M movie? Given the capabilities today, it's a much easier task than in the past...

And if TT says no, any of you fans want to try it? I'm sure with enough work we coudl hash out a movie atleast...

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  • That would take a lot more time than you might think and we are currently swamped with all the new licenses we have acquired and games we are making. Not a horrible idea though.

  • Yeah, I'd say Telltale themsellves would be too swamped. Course they could probably liscence the engine to someone else to do a series. But, seriously, why would they do that and/or why would some outside company liscence it just to make a series?

  • This has actually been discussed before (in very broad terms). The engine would be perfect for it. Hey, if someone wanted to pay us to do it... ;)

  • *rummages around in pockets* 5... 10.. 20.. 50... I gots $7.50... might pay one of you to work on it for 10 minutes...

    Anyone want to take up a collection? PP donations towards a new S+M full-length series or movie? (I'm not joking, I'm serious, if TT will do it for a $$$ I'm willing to try and help raise the money!)

  • At first I didn't think much of this, but if the idea has already been kicked around at the office, then it may have some serious potential. Instead of making a feature movie or televised TV show, which could be very costly and time consuming, what about a 90-minute movie download? It could be done within the engine, like the Machinima shorts, although the look of the Season 2 Trailer would be even better. Give us a fresh story, some new characters, new locations (and some old), and I think this could really work well.

    I'd pay $10 for the download, and I'd pay another $20 for the DVD. Or make a $25 package deal (download and DVD). Who else would buy?

  • If there was a 3-D Sam & Max series, I'd rather it look just like the S2 trailer. But that would take forever. :(

  • I have a friend who uses Maya professionally. Asuming there is no further rendering required by T3 (and asuming they used T3 to make the trailer) it takes soemthing like 3 hours per second for simple (i.e. less than 100 shapes) animations to render at that quality. So probably it took TT around 10-15 hours per second of "footage" for the S2 trailer. For a movie, yes, that's reasonable. For a TV series, no, they coudl never do that unless they were being paid in the millions...

  • how about a remake of the original SAM & MAX HITS THE ROAD GAME WITH THE 3D enginethere is already a story and all so they wont have to work on a story and the basics of the story the only thing i the way items are handled in the game with the right click button

  • We did not use the Telltale Tool to make the Season Two trailer. That was hand-animated and rendered in Maya, and it was time consuming.

  • If a fan were to, say, make a Flash animation with Sam and Max in it and put it online, but give full credit to Steve Purcell/Telltale Games and not attempt to sell it as their own, would that be legal/acceptable?

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