• Since we just found out about the cheap knock of glamour's and the fact that we find faiths(or what we assume is the real faiths head) head in front of the building with a blood trail leading from the back she also knew to keep quiet about secrets ,she also knew not to go into a dark corner with a stranger she was way to careful for that ,she even kinda handled herself with woody I feel like who ever did this to her must have been someone that she trusted faith was going there to meet Bigby so maybe the killer / killers got a glamour to look like Bigby at this point people are still scared of Bigby would it be a surprise to any of the residents of fable town that the big bad wolf bitt some girls head off?

  • I was playing it again not long ago and did find the guy suspicious...especially when u walk by him in the hall after Faith gets decapitated...I thought to myself that something wasn't right about him.....I think ur on to something....

  • double post -.-

  • @TheNewOne Yup , you're right. Here's the exact picture from Ep. 3 :

    It's the same guy that was waiting in line at the Business Office in ep1 (the one with the leg patched up). My guess it's that he "delivered" the decapitated head of Faith and injured his leg jumping the fence. Since he works for the Crooked man , it's probably him (the crooked man) that killed Faith.

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    • I was the first person to think he delivered the head. I doubt he's the killer though, I have a strong feeling that either Bloody Mary, Tweedle Dee and Dum, The Crooked Man, or Georgie Porgie are the killer or killers.

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        It's probably Bloody Mary, considering she had the Woodman's axe, and Bigby commented that whatever decapitated Faith was either very sharp or had magic attached to it. We never saw the axe after the intro, although there is the possibility that it was someone else, because on of the Tweedles can be seen in the Woodman's apartment if you go there first, so they may have gotten the axe then, obviously after Faith'd died.

    • But the fabric which we find is of BLUE JEANS and he wears sort of light grey pants (if you look closely in the image of him standing in line at the Business Office). So i think the evidence is so confusing that telltale has tried very hard (and very well) to confuse us players and keep us in the dark :)

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    Take a look at this camera angle. I think the guy in the car is Colin.

  • only thing that gets me is that fables never change their clothes, not in this game anyway. The ginger man always wears blue shirt and tan pants, the guy in the car has a red shirt and pin striped jacket and his hand looks significantly older, the ginger man looks young. It's clutching at straws i know but could be food for thought.

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