• No spoilers in the title please, kthx.

  • The more I think about it, the more I believe that she can't possibly be dead just for the fact that it's supposed to be a prequel and if she did die it wouldn't make any sense.The creator of Fables even said that in an interview about the game: "The story takes place before the very first issue of Fables," and "It's in continuity. Fables does presume that the story told by the game here did happen". So just because of that it's 100% sure that Snow isn't really dead.Bigby will figure out a way to bring her back during his investigation.

  • No...if you want Snow/Bigby action then read the comics. I like that this "prequel" is being so unpredictable.

  • Based on the achievements in episode 5, and Violet mentioning how will Bigby cope... I think Bigby will eventually get depressed and Snow shows up after Bigby's father sends someone to talk to Bigby.

  • Yes Yes Yes we know its a prequel but this story is also an alternate world from the one of the comics which means that while Snow is alive in the comics right now she isnt in this universe. Sorry snow fans but shes not coming back. I was more upset about Faith honestly!

  • i think that the choice is inevitable, to bigby she is sort of represents happiness and calmness. she is named after one of the major things in winter, the snow. although from here out he wont have that serenity she represented. so i think will be a choice, what ever the result.

    oh and yes i do want to see her again (on the good side)

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